Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - The SR22 Filing Resource is a great resource for drivers needing assistance with SR-22 filings. Have you received a DUI or DWI violation? Had an uninsured accident? Had more minor moving violations in one year than the law permits? Has your previous insurance company cancelled your policy. No problem, contact the SR22 filing experts TOLL-FREE at 1-866-52-FOCUS or email them at will find you low-cost auto insurance, take of your SR22 filing, and get you back on the road again.


Do you need to own a car to get a SR-22 Filing?

It is not necessary to own a car to have a sr22 filed with the state. Although SR22 filings are always attached to a liability policy, this policy may or may not have a vehicle that is insured as well. Many people who do not own cars will set up what is called a "Named Operator Policy" also known as a "Non-Owner Policy". This gives the person the required liability coverage to get an SR22 filed with the state and the required insurance to drive. Click HERE to get a non-owner auto insurance quote now or send inquiries to You can also call TOLL-FREE at 1-866-52-FOCUS.


Can You get an "SR-22 Filing" without buying Auto Insurance?

We often get asked if a person can get an SR22 filing WITHOUT buying insurance - the answer is NO - because an SR22 filing is evidence of liability insurance in force.


What is a SR22 Filng:

SR22 is not an Insurance Policy. Many people have a misconception that an SR22 is a type of insurance policy. This is not the case. An SR22 filing is a form issued by an insurance company which removes a suspension order placed by the state DMV or other state agency. The filing provides a guarantee to the state that an insurance company has issued at least minimum liability coverage for the person making that filing; AND - that the insurance company will notify the state should the insurance ever lapse for any reason. Please visit to get a auto insurance quote and have your SR22 filing completed.

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